How to Prepare an Ideal Plan for a Wedding?

By | June 16, 2010

Preparing for your wedding should be fun and memorable, but planning your wedding is not an easy task. Wedding will be definitely is the most biggest party in your life. You should prepare the plan for wedding at least 6 months before your wedding. Here are few tips to prepare a plan for wedding

Set a budget: Budget is very important aspect to create wedding plan. You should have an idea how much are going to spend on each detail of wedding. If you have an idea about these then you should not exceed that.

Select a theme: Ensure the theme, it is easy to plan and decorate. Theme may provide you what your are looking for, these themes may be Irish, Western, Victorian, Medieval etc.

Decide the size: Decide the size of wedding, how much money your going to spend and how many people are going attend this wedding party.

Choose the venue: According your theme and budget and size of wedding you can select a wedding site. You can be charged the fee by even church.

Attend the marriage counseling: Attend the pre-marriage counseling. It is the worth in the long run though it may take large time commitment. He honest for expectations and desires for marriage.

Set the wedding date: According to wedding date you have to decide the venue and you can invite your friends and relatives. Should select the date which is availability for venue and to invite guests.

Distribute the invitations: After choosing date, you can send out the invitations to guests to invite them. It should be creative.

Purchase the wedding dress: You should select your wedding dress, if you start early then you have plenty of time to select the dress and take care of fitting. It may be traditional one or other.

You should plan for everything then only you can do the work easily, you can take suggestions from friends and relatives for your wedding arrangements.