How Insurance Premiums Vary?

By | August 25, 2010

Insurance premiums come into picture as soon as you apply for the insurance. These are the amounts which should be paid by the insured for the coverage. The insured item may be any thing whether it may be car, health or the property. For all the things one has to pay the premium.

Insurance premium will be determined by the underwriter. Their job is to decide premiums according to the risks. Suppose take the case of life insurance, here consider smoker and nonsmoker. Smoker has to pay high premiums, when compared to the nonsmoker because the health of the smoker will be worse when compared to non smoker. The person who does not smoke will have to pay less premiums.

So, health is also one of the issue which will change the premium cost. Even the people who play sports like sky diving and bungee jumping which are the dangerous sports should also pay the premiums of higher cost as the risk in those cases is more. Finally, we conclude that for life insurance the healthier and safer you are lower the premiums will be.

When going for the auto insurance, the cost of the premium will vary depending on the factors like age of the vehicle, cost of the car or vehicle, record of the accidents. How clean the accident record is, the cost will be less depending on that.

Home insurance is also one thing where the insurance premiums vary. Here, you consider the number of things which you need coverage. You should exactly know whether they are covered or not. If you improve safety measures those will also play a role in reducing the home insurance.

So, each and every insurance will have one or other go in reducing the premium costs. Thus different premiums can be reduced using the different safety measures.