Know about 3 time management methods to improve of self Productivity

By | August 20, 2010

In this competitive world, every man is focusing on improving his skills,talents to give best performance in his life, working place. But, today man’s life is very busy, complex because they have lot of contacts in the society.

The people who follow time management method will grow easily in their efficiency and positions. The time management mostly depends on 3 actions. They are:

Preparation of the list
In time management, it is mandatory to prepare a list. These lists are not of formal type sheet in office, one has to prepare it in their own style. Because these list will help in giving the idea of pending work and left over time and the works which are to be completed on priority.This list acts as an indicator for doing work.

Set time based goals
Everyone has aims,but they are not fixing any particular time. For example, every company has aims for completing a particular projects, but it is important to fix time to reach that particular aim.

Comparing Method
After setting goal, the work process must improve comparatively. One has to compare their work hourly, daily, monthly and yearly.