How to Purchase a Certified Used Car According to Edmunds

By | September 30, 2010

Most of the people are in a dilemma whether to choose a new car or a used car for purchasing. Some of the people feel free for purchasing the used car. But, selecting the certified used car will be the best idea when you go for used car.

Used cars are often associated with lot of risks. In order to free one selves from risks, certified used cars is the best idea. Here, the used cars are being certified by the manufacturers as a proof for indicating the performance.

Although there are some differences between buying the used car and buying the certified pre-owned vehicle, there are even some similarities. According to Edmunds, it is better to buy a certified car from the manufacturer rather than from the dealer. Because certified cars from the manufacturers will undergo many testings which are necessary. The certified used cars from the manufacturers will have the features which are similar to new cars. They are offered with different services like loan facilities, road side assistance etc.

One should be careful while selecting the certifications, as different types of certifications will offer different coverages. You have to select the best warranty coverage.

Now, start shopping after deciding the certification from the manufacturer. Most of the dealerships will provide the information regarding the certified used cars in their websites. If you need much more information, email the Internet manager of the dealer for the details of the vehicle.

After seeing the vehicle, ask for the actual inspection report which provides the information regarding what has been inspected in the vehicle. Verify whether the VIN Vehicle Identification Number in the report matches with the vehicle. Don’t forget to test drive the vehicle, although it has undergone many testings. Check out thoroughly all the features and make sure that it has not involved in accidents.

Now, its time to negotiate for the price of the car. Compare the price by making the True Market Value as the basic value for conducting negotiations. After getting the price which is affordable, ask for proof which indicates the warranty coverage when you are signing for the deal. The price of the car along with the certification will be included. Thus will be the effective way for purchasing the certified used car.