List of the Sports in Winter Olympics

By | October 29, 2010

There are different sports in Olympic games. Winter Olympic games are a multi sport event in winter season, which are held every four years and were started in 1924. Every sport has few events. There is a list of sports which are conducted in winter season, such as:

Biathlon: It was introduced in 1960 in Olympic games as men’s event of 20 km. In 1968 Men’s relay was added to Olympic sports. Women’ events started in 1992 with 15 km individual event.

Bobsleigh: In 1924, it was added to Olympic sports. Bobsleigh and skeleton are the two disciplines of the Bobsleigh.

Curling: This sport was introduced for the first time in 1924 in the winter Olympic games.

Ice Hockey: First this was a part of the summer Olympic sports and in 1924, it was transferred to the winter Olympic sports. Women’ ice hockey was introduced in 1998 in winter Olympic games.

Luge: It was added from 1964 in the part of the winter Olympic games. Men and women and mixed doubles are the events in Luge.

Skating: There are three disciplines such as figure skating, short track and speed skating. This game is one the popular sports.

Skiing: This is a group of sports and it consists disciplines such as alpine, cross country and freestyle skiing. Afterward snowboarding, ski jumping, and Nordic were added.

The above information is about list of sports. In every winter season committee conducts these sports. Few of them were introduced in modern Olympic sports.