Different Benefits of Small Glow Sticks

By | October 28, 2010

Small glow sticks are popular as larger glow sticks. One can clip them to a hat or shirt. When individuals perform the rave dance they use glow sticks to have an interesting effect. The size of the small glow sticks is about 1.5 inches in length. You can find them in many colors and they can last for longer time.

Small glow sticks are excellent for smaller spaces as alternative lighting. Suppose if you want to read a book in a car, then this small glow stick is better source for lighting.

Small glow sticks can be used underneath water or seas. They are very convenient to use, they are non toxic and self activating, means they work without battery and electricity. Two chemicals can be mixed by the user within the plastic case and start the illuminating effect by bending the stick.

They are inexpensive, they are the best choice if you purchase in large amounts. Small glow sticks can also be used at carnivals, concerts, rodeos, pool parties, birthday parties, dances, reunions, at the beach, more. They are used as identification bands in some clubs and bars. They are small, so they are convenient to hold as well.

They are also used to tie the child’s costume to make them visible in the dark. So parents can relax about their children.

So, there are many benefits of small glow sticks. Using them is a cheap way of alternative lighting. They are easy to use and flexible because of them small glow sticks became popular.