General Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

By | December 7, 2010

Wedding anniversary is a day, on which couple celebrates their togetherness and it shows unity among the couple. There are many gifts to give your partner, which can be from traditional to modern and unique. Here are some gift ideas, from which you can choose a perfect gift to your partner:

Traditional gifts: You can see the lists of the gifts, traditionally given for every year. This list of gifts starts with paper for the first year, cotton for the second year, leather for the third year. There are some milestone anniversaries, in which a special gift can be given. Such as tin, aluminum for 10th year anniversary, crystal for 15th year, China for 20th year, silver for 25th year, pearl for 30th year, jade for 35th year, ruby for 40th year, sapphire for 45th year, gold for 50th year. Some of them can be changed from one place to other. These are the traditional ideas to give on wedding anniversary.

Modern gifts: There are many types of modern gifts, such as diamond jewelry, practical gifts, appliances and new furniture and more. Sometimes, you can give some traditional list gifts as modern gifts.

Unique gifts: You can give formal pictures, arrange any vacation, arranging a special dinner and more. Mens Celtic gifts, which include jewelry can be one of the unique gifts for men.

These are the general wedding anniversary gift ideas. You need to decide, what to give as a gift in advance of your wedding anniversary.