How an Air Purifier Can Help in Reducing Allergies

By | March 14, 2011

Allergies and asthma are the major causes of illness and disability affecting people from infants to seniors. An air purifier is a device, which aims to free air from contaminants and odors and is beneficial to people who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems.

Everyone’s body releases antibodies to fight against the infection. An allergic person’s system produces an allergy antibody (IgE) in response to allergens. Histamine is released anywhere in the allergy prone victim’s body and is responsible for the allergy caused. Some typical allergies include airborne pollen allergies, dust mite allergies, food allergies, pet allergies, mold allergies etc.

These allergies can be prevented up to greater extent by using the Air Purifiers, this includes:

Asthma Air Purifiers:
Asthma is caused by poor air quality, and the factors responsible for causing asthma may be either a particle such as pollen or a chemical or an odor. Air purifiers working on mechanical and adsorption air purifier technologies like HEPA and activated carbon air purifiers can be used to prevent asthma.

Mold Allergies:
These are the particle pollutants that are present in the air and can be handled by two of the air purifier technologies that is HEPA and electronic filters.

Pet Allergies:
Pets, particularly cats, tend to clean themselves by licking their fur, as a result a very fine film of saliva is left on their fur that dries and then goes airborne as a very fine dust. This is the primary cause of most pet allergic reactions. HEPA or electronic air purifier can be used to avoid this problem.

Chemical Allergies:
Chemical allergies are the allergies caused in persons, who are sensitive to toxic chemical compounds. These types of allergies can be prevented by the use of air purifiers that works on the technique of adsorption.

Bacteria or Virus:
If a person is suffering from a disease at the home, there are high chances of the disease being spread to other people in the home. Therefore, to protect others from the infection and to prevent the spread of the bacteria, UV light air purifiers can be helpful because it produces 10 Watt UV bulb designed to destroy bacteria and viruses.

An air purification system will improve your indoor air quality and one should purchase the best quality air purifier that is low cost and consisting of more features based on his requirements.