Know About Different Landscaping Materials

By | July 21, 2011

Garden AccessoriesA landscaping project can include different types of materials. They are generally classified as soft landscaping materials and hardscaping materials. You can add both of them to increase the appeal and elegance of the landscape area.

Soft landscaping includes addition of trees, plant layouts, top soil and mulches. Various types of flowers, plants and trees are there which accent any landscaping project. However, you should choose those which are suitable for your region. Also, choose the right type of soil for the right type of planting. Flowers of different colors add beauty to the flower beds and garden landscaping.miniature garden

Hardscaping elements include use of wood, metal, glass, bricks, granites, stones, concrete and gravel. Different kinds of wood like cedar bark and redwood give a great appeal to the landscaping. Wooden materials are generally used for fencing and decking purposes. Materials like marbles and glass beads can be used as reflective surfaces in garden areas. Metal structures can be used for fencing and decorative purposes.

Fairy GardenLandscaping materials like granites, stones, concrete and gravel add natural elegance to your landscape. They are mostly used for making pathways. Bricks are generally used for building pleasing edges to garden or lawn areas. Interesting paving designs can be made with different colors and sizes of gravel. The choice of materials, whether hardscape or softscape, depends on the application. It also depends on the area and style of applications. Make a note of the desired materials required for your landscaping project and get them in required amounts. You can use them in an innovative way to create new landscaping designs.