Know About Different Types of Contact Lenses Based on their Design

By | October 13, 2011

Contact lenses are most popular and convenient way of correcting our vision defects. Based on various parameters they are broadly divided in to different types. For now let us see the various varieties of contact lenses which are segregated based on their design.

Spherical contact lenses: These are nothing but the regular contact lenses which are prescribed for the regular eye defects like the long sightedness and the short sightedness. These are designed typically with a rounded design and hence they are named as spherical contact lenses.

Bifocal Contact Lenses: Unlike spherical lenses these bifocal lenses are designed for certain people who are suffering from ‘Presbyopia’. These lenses contain different zones for near and far vision, and for the people who are suffering from both the problems bifocal lens are best suited. These lenses can be made with both soft and rigid gas permeable material.

Orthokeratology lenses: These are the special lenses which are designed to reshape the cornea during the sleeping hours by avoiding the need to wear them during day time. In general Orthokeratology is a treatment which is used for fitting specially designed gas permeable lenses that gently reshape the front surface of the eye in order to get clear eye vision even after removing the lenses.

Toric contact lenses: These are also specially designed lenses which are useful to treat vision disorder namely astigmatism. These lenses have two different advantages, one being the treatment for astigmatism and the other to relatively hold the lenses stable on the eye while you are blinking and looking around. However, toric lenses fitting is more expensive that all other lenses.