What Make Electric Space Heaters Energy Efficient?

By | December 23, 2011

It is a known fact that, small surfaces take less time to get heated and larger surfaces take more time to get heated. Similarly portable electric space heaters consume less energy while producing heat to limited surfaces and central heaters consume more energy to produce heat to larger spaces. Portable systems reduce the heating of unnecessary surfaces. These are more comfortable as the systems can be moved from one place to another wherever heat is required.

Energy efficient heaters:

Homes, small offices, small shopping malls, etc., require efficient heat producers for limited surfaces, hence portable electric space heaters become important for these limited surface heating requirements. These systems consume less energy while producing heat at smaller surfaces. Central heating systems are not suitable for limited spaces where power wastage is more.

Portable electric space heaters also exist as radiative space heaters and convective space heaters. These systems are more efficient heaters than other alternative heaters. These heaters are effective and efficient.