Benefits of Opting Spanish as a Second Language

By | January 16, 2012

Being a bilingual/multi lingual is always beneficial when compared to the people who can speak only their mother tongue. Knowing the importance of learning a language, every parent should encourage their children to pay more attention to the second language that will be taught in the schools. In countries like America, since Spanish in the widely spoken Language after English, it is being taught as a second language along with few other foreign languages. In case if the school is offering more choices to choose from, opting Spanish is the better thing since it has many advantages when compared to the other languages. Here is the list of such benefits, which tell you the importance of choosing Spanish as a second language.

  • Being multi lingual helps you in many areas of life like education, career, and for developing relations.
  • Since Spanish is the most spoken language in US after English, many companies are giving importance to the people who know both the languages, hence opting Spanish as a second language helps you to have a strong foundation even from the childhood.
  • In schools, while teaching Spanish they try to include some lessons which tell the culture and traditions of particular region, and hence children get to know about other cultures apart from their own.
  • Many studies have shown that studying second language helps the child to grow intellectually, which also improves their thinking and listening skills.
  • Coming to the social benefits, a person who knows Spanish can socialize easily with the rest of the Spanish speaking community. This way he/she improves his/her social skills.
  • Even though you are a native Spanish speaker, learning Spanish as a second language helps you better understand your own language and its different cultural values.

These are few benefits of choosing Spanish as a second language in schools.