Benefits of Using Spanish-only Dictionary

By | April 4, 2012

Many language learners try to buy a dictionary the moment they join a language learning course. More often, they try to buy a dictionary which gives the meanings of their learning language in their native language. For example, when a English speaker is learning Spanish, he prefers to buy a Spanish to English dictionary, which enables him to better understand Spanish in his own language. But, according to the language experts, though it is better to use dictionaries which translate from one language to other, in the beginning stages of learning, it is often advised to use same language dictionaries in the intermediate and expert stages. That means for Spanish learners, using Spanish only dictionary is beneficial.

Speaking about the advantages of using Spanish only dictionary, they are more than a few. Let us have a look on what they are. A major advantage is the chance to increase the vocabulary. In general, we tend to find the explanation of that particular word in the same language. Since the elaboration will be in a simple language, you can easily understand its meaning. Moreover, even though you do not understand the meaning of a single word, you can infer its meaning, since you understand the phrase. So, now you know the meaning of the word you are checking for and also found a new word which you don’t know. This way you have added one more word to your vocabulary. On a whole using Spanish only dictionaries increase your vocabulary.

Secondly, when using Spanish- English dictionary, you may feel that you are still not a good Spanish speaker. But while using Spanish only dictionary you could feel more confident on what you are doing. This motivates you to work better while learning the language. Moreover, when compared, Spanish only dictionaries contain lot of words and hence help you to find the meaning of any Spanish word.

Apart from the benefits, it is often important to choose a dictionary which helps you instead of making the things complicated. Look for the dictionaries which offer simple definitions, include more words, which give examples, pictures and so on, and which are helpful at every stage of learning.