What Do You Understand by Liquid Vitamins?

By | March 31, 2012

iscotrizinolVitamins are the essential nutrient substances that are required for our body in very smaller amounts for normal growth, metabolism, developing and physical well-being. A, B, C, D, E and K are the vitamins which are needed daily for our body and these can be obtained from many food sources and drinks. Whereas Vitamin D is obtained from sun light. Coming to liquid vitamin, it is a vitamin in the form of liquid which is easy to intake by the children and adults.

diethylhexyl butamido triazoneLiquid vitamins are easily absorbed by the body then the vitamins in the form of solid tablet. It is easily swallowed by the persons who have difficulties in the mouth and stomach problems. Vitamin is in the form of a liquid and hence there is no further breakdowns in the body and hence while taking it doesn’t provide any discomfort.

The benefit of liquid vitamin is that it is easily absorbed and gets into the digestive system better without any difficulties. Daily intake of vitamins will keep the body fit and healthy and doesn’t have any deficiencies. Here absorption starts by the body from the mouth itself.

The enzymes present in the liquid vitamins which facilitated the absorption have a smaller life span.

Liquid vitamins are the alternative supplements for people who do not like the vitamins in the solid form. When the liquid vitamin gets into the stomach, the stomach acids destroy some of the nutrients. In addition, some vitamins, such as vitamin C, lose potency when exposed to air. Liquid vitamins also tend to be more expensive than vitamins in pill form or tablet form.