Eight Things You Should Never Do To Your Home

By | October 12, 2012

Many people do a list of things to their homes which is endless like they change the furnace filter, clean gutters, leave a faucet running even it’s freezing out. But there are some likewise things you should not do to your home which looks odd and bad impression. “set it on fire”, “painting walls with black color”, and “taking off the roof” are some of the examples which we should avoid in home.

Below are the eight things to be avoided in any home but already many people done.

  • Never do plumbing work on your own because you may mess something up, water gets everywhere and might ruin a great many things. If you are already familiar with this work then you can do this otherwise you take the help of professionals. Even homeowners can do without knowledge but they are not familiar with the safety requirements laid out in the Uniform Building Code (UBC).
  • Anyone who cares for their homes never park their vehicles in their yard.
  • Never remove walls between rooms without knowledge because a professional only knows which walls can come down and which can’t. If you want to do on your own, you need to ask an engineer or a solid contractor.
  • Do not move a wall out a few feet just for a little extra space. The reason is simple: the cost per square foot of this improvement is so high that you might as well opt for a more sizable addition at a much lower cost per square foot.
  • Never do your own electrical because it can be danger of getting electrocuted and ruin your life.
  • Don’t invest so much amount for remodeling. You invest only the general costs which matches with the neighborhood. Otherwise you won’t get your investment while selling.
  • Never leave your law without care, otherwise your house value will decrease. If you are unable to see your lawn then hire a lawn service.
  • Clean your home especially when you are having pests otherwise you may get a bad impression. Never leave the house uncleaned because dogs are older for you but four guests it can be disgusting.

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  1. Jeff Moro

    Some great points here. I have experienced a couple myself and can say they are best avoided.

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