Tips for Building a Healthy Home

By | June 7, 2010

Healthy home is a place where family member can live a healthy and prosperous life. This just a myth that a any type of furnished home is best forFairy garden family members. According to recent survey, many major health risks like asthma, lead poisoning etc. is caused by the health environment. So, use of healthier home building techniques and technology can ensures that family and kids are residing in healthy homes and they are much healthier and safer. So, whenever an individual plan’s to build a healthy home he should follow the following points:

  • Make a budget plan in such format that no non-toxic or less toxic building materials are getting used in home construction. Since Non-toxic materials are quite costlier than general building materials.
  • Sub-flooring and roof decking is the ideal choice for constructing cabinets and countertops.
  • In home construction, always avoid the use of vinyl and wall-to-wall carpet flooring. It all because Vinyl floors contain poly vinyl chloride (PVC) which is a harmful type of chemical and fully carpeted floors accumulates dust, dust mites, molds, etc.
  • While painting, always use strictly low-odor and non-toxic paints which contain highly reduced amounts of VOCs. It is because paints are generally mixed with high quantities of lead.
  • Always avoid resins and glues which contain formaldehyde.
  • While constructing a foundation always use thick, natural, hygroscopic, breathable plasters. In this way you can also avoid the accumulation of harmful radon gas inside your home.
  • Always try to avoid building bedrooms over the garage space because toxic gasoline fumes and outgas from the fuel tank of car can harm the bedroom.

With all these practices and ideas you can build a healthy and effective home for your family members. A healthy home is the path for real success and destiny.