Efficient Ways to Save on Your Electric Power Bills

By | September 11, 2013

When it comes to saving on electric bills, many households think that saving money and switching off the plugs or lights. With simple methods, you can consume energy efficiently and can save money on your electric bills.

Here are the energy saving tips:

  • Look for electric appliances which are rarely used in your home. If these items are running or operating then try to unplug them.
  • Many people leave batteries plugged. Avoid this and consider to unplug when they are not in use.
  • Many people forget to turn off lights in a room even though they are not in that room. Try to switch off the lights when you don’t need it. Consider dimmer lights for your room when you don’t want brightly lit lights.
  • Don’t operate your dishwasher until it is loaded to its full capacity.
  • Suppose if you have a electric rice cooker, then try to switch off the plug before the allotted time for cooking. The heating element in the cooker stay hot for a long time even though you switched off the plug. In this time, your food in that cooker will be cooked without using electricity.
  • Unplug television cords when you are not watching TV.
  • Refrigerators consume more power than the other electric appliances in a home. Consider energy efficient models when buying these appliances. However, refrigerator works more efficiently when it is filled with full of items.
  • Make sure that refrigerator doors are closed tight otherwise it consumes more power and increase your electric bills.

These methods are not too hard for you to follow, and you save your electric bills. When you use less, you will pay less.