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Consequences of Unhealthy Living

Generally people count good issues and ignore the bad ones. But we forget the fact that if you see negative effects of a particular thing, it reminds us that they have to be worked out. Same principle apply even for health. People tend to overlook care of self. They do not know what happens if… Read More »

Common Mouth Problems in Adults and their Causes

Mouth problems are commonly seen in adults. These problems make us feel difficulty in eating. Hence, maintaining good oral hygiene eliminates mouth problems. Here are some mouth problems that are common in adults. Xerostomia: Xerostomia is nothing but a dry mouth. Dry mouth is a problem seen in older people. It decreases the saliva secretions… Read More »

Cosmetic Dentistry

In olden days cosmetic dentistry involved filling and extraction of the teeth. Now it is expanded to solve all dental problems. It improves the appearance of teeth and smile. Cosmetic dentistry primarily deals with processes that bring improvement in the appearance of teeth and gums of the person to improve personal appearance. What type of… Read More »

What is Dental Extraction All about?

When one or more of your teeth is/are severely damaged or decayed, and there is no other treatment possible, the removes the tooth by surgery and the process is known as dental extraction. Also, Tooth or teeth that are loose also may need extraction. We will discuss in this article the need, procedure and care after the extraction.