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Vehicle to Vehicle Communication System

Vehicle to vehicle communication system is one of the emerging networks in which vehicle to vehicle, there are communication nodes to provide information such as traffic information and warning signals. It is part of the ITS (intelligent transport system). The vehicle to vehicle communication system uses wireless network communication system where vehicle send information to… Read More »

How Enterprise Software Performs Integration

Enterprise software has become integral part of enterprise management encompassing its diverse aspects. Enterprise software plays a crucial role in effective functioning of an organization because processing the data itself is not enough for functioning or monitoring, integrating them is very important for making easily available on the site. Enterprise resource planning (EPR) operates in… Read More »

Features of Web servers that You Need to Know

A Web server is useful for any organization to create and manage the website. It fetches static web pages from the server by following Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Not only these, web servers also possess some important features that help organization or business in various ways. In this article, we will discuss some of their features like virtual hosting, large file support, bandwidth throttling, authentication, etc.