Why Location of Your Web Server Matters?

By | July 24, 2014

A web server is one that hosts your website and provides the web content to users. So, it is necessary for a website to have a web server. Along with this it is also essential to place the server in a perfect location through which the users can get the web pages load quickly and to download the information. If the web server is not in a perfect location it makes the visitor irritated and also increases the bounce rate as the visitor closes it as he/shes is irritated with the slow loading of the page. So, it is necessary for the website owners to locate the web server in a correct position.

Factors to be considered when choosing web server for your website

The website owners must consider this point as a major factor because visitors are the only source through which they get money. So, it is important for them to place the web server based on the location where you are targeting the visitors. Here again it is divided in to two, some website owners will target only few geographical areas visitors of the market and few the global market. So based on these factors you need to locate your web server.

2. Hosting infrastructure is important
The hosting company needs to have good infrastructure and technology experts to provide the high quality hosting for their clients. In many parts of the country this type of hosting is not available. So, getting such good host is lucky and never loos that type of hosting web server as they make your website problem free.

Country, region and network infrastructure is also very important for a website because when your server is located in the place where these facilities are not available then ultimately it will effect your website. You need to consider all this requirements.

3. Bandwidth is most important when considering to server location
You need to consider bandwidth number and quality before server location because when web host have only one up stream then the download speed of a website is effected even when the web server is located in a good place. So, make sure to take into account this factor while choosing the location of a web server.

4. Web hosting cost
Cost of web hosting is also to be considered because it varies across locations and may be expensive in some locations. So, choose the one with optimal cost.

Consider these factors important while choosing the web server location and place your web server in a place where visitors get the website page quickly, good bandwidth and good host with best infrastructure.