Winter Care Procedure for your Cars

By | October 30, 2014

It is better idea that you need to keep ready your vehicle before the winter season. Because in winter it is difficult to drive a car which is not prepared for the winter. By taking some care and spending some time on the car you can get convenience when your using it. And also you reduce the cost of repairing and maintaining issues.

Below are the some steps which you need to follow for winter care:

best replacement radiatorsCheck your cooling system: Anti freezers are helpful for you in winter seasons. These are helps to protect the car from winter cooling. In most of the places they will use a mixed of 50% water to 50% coolant. If you use 100 % coolant then it will spoil your spark plugs. It is better to change your anti freezers for every two years. If you didn’t have an idea about last replacement of anti freezers you can even know that by using small device. That is called anti freezer tester. It will easily available in auto parts store. Anti freezers are available in market in two types. One is traditional one which is having green color and another one is available in different colors but this is not suits for all cars. It damages the engine parts in old cars. So you need to used in recent model new cars.

Radiator replacement adviceFill the fuel completely: In winter if you don’t want to stuck you need to use the engine. That time you need not to look for fuel saving and all. So it is better to get filled your gas tank completely and also if it is full you can avoid the freezing in fuel line. And also it avoids the moisture from forming. And also you need to check your engine oil.

Check the batteries and tyres: Tire checking is very important especially in winter seasons. Because if the temperature falls to down then tire pressure also becomes down. So you need to check the tire pressure frequently.

Replacement auto parts reviewsAccording to one survey if you spend 2 minutes of your time in tires means you are maintaining it properly. If your tire condition is good then you are saving the fuel indirectly. Batteries you should change for every 3-4 years. And should maintain that terminals are cleaned and tightened.

Check the lights:  Before starting the drive you need to check that your lights is working properly or not. Because especially in winter season the roads are filled with ice and all. So it becomes difficult to drive.

Check the Wipers: It is better to change the regular wipers and place a winter blades instead of that. That will helps to remove the snow and ice.