Dual Exhaust Systems for Cars

By | February 27, 2015

Automobiles especially cars can be upgraded with few modifications done to the engine. One of the modification involved in up gradation of theWaterpumpu.comvehicles involved adding up of dual exhaust system. Increased combustion of the fuel enhances the engine to have better fuel efficiency, more power and higher speeds along with reduced pollution and longevity of the cars.

Components of dual exhaust system:

  • An exhaust system consists of a set of pipes that carry the exhaust gases away from the engine and release it to the outside environment.
  • Dual exhaust consists of 2 pipes connected to cylinder heads and the exhaust system unit which includes
    • Catalytic converter
    • Turbocharge
    • Muffler
    • Tail pipe
  • In dual exhaust systems they have the multiple pipe configurations with two pipes either placed on two side of the vehicle or both pipes at one end.

Working of exhaust system:

  • Engines of any automobile derives power by combustion of gases which take place inside the engine and the release of harmful gases are resulted.
  • Since the exhaust gases contain harmful or toxic components they are not directly released to the atmosphere and are treated before getting out.
  • The exhausted gases after their release reach the piping system of the exhaust system which usually include many pipes connected to various cylinders for collecting the exhaust gases.
  • From the pipes the gases enter the convertor where the elimination of the toxic materials occur which are present in the exhaust gases.
  • Later the exhaust is sent to the muffler where its function is to reduce the noise produced by the running engine.
  • Finally the exhaust gases leave the system through the tail pipe.

A dual exhaust system helps in improved engine efficiency and performance of the vehicle by filtering more exhaust gases away from the engine than an exhaust system. An average car has a horse power about 222 but by upgrading through a dual exhaust system the horse power is increased by 167 percent.

The increase of the horse power depends on various factors like:

  • Type of the engine
  • Equipment attached to the exhaust system
  • Diameter of the exhaust piping

Benefits of a dual exhaust system:fuel pump problems

  • Increases horse power and efficiency: Due to increased engine efficiency and raised horse power the vehicle lag time in getting high speeds are reduced.
    • Dual exhaust quickly sends out the burnt gases away from the engine and more oxygen is brought in fro making the engine to reach peak performance.
  • Increased sound options: Along with increased efficiency and horse power dual exhaust systems lower down the booming sound produced due to engine.
  • Increased fuel economy: Dual exhaust does not need to work hard to push the gases out and bring in fresh air which leads to increased fuel economy by making it to make better use of power and produce more energy.
  • Saves the engine: installing a dual exhaust system also keeps the engine cool and increases the longevity of the engine. Due to the continuous flow of fresh air in the temperature is kept down by pulling away the hot gases at a faster rate

Dual exhaust system enhances the performance of the vehicle in various ways. Vehicle owners will gin increase in engine efficiency and horse power. Compared to the exhaust system dual exhaust provides with raised performance, increased fuel economy, engine longevity and reduced pollution.