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Glow Sticks and their Environmental Impact

Glow Sticks are widely used to create liveliness in our partying environment. None of us will think about how it is affecting the outside environment. May be some experts raise controversies about these issues but people tend to overlook them as they are doing with the other plastic products. Since these sticks are providing wide… Read More »

How to Reuse Glow Sticks?

Glow sticks works on the principle of chemiluminescence, a chemical reaction which emits light after a chain of reactions. They are all time toys for kids and a great partying asset for the teenagers. Since the glow sticks do not require any kind of electricity other kinds of sources to emit light they are widely… Read More »

Know about the Benefits of Compost Barrel

Instead of throwing away the house hold waste, it can be used to prepare the compost barrels which are used to grow plants. Materials like coffee ground and filters, leaves, grass clipping, egg shells, nut shells, shredded newspapers, fireplace ashes fruits and vegetables etc. can be used for composting. You can get the following benefits… Read More »

How is Online Shopping More Eco-friendly?

There are many benefits associated with online shopping. It is convenient, safe, and less expensive. It also offers a wide variety of products from different localities. The other most important benefit of online shopping is that it is more eco-friendly than the traditional shopping. Online shopping includes lower carbon footprint and hence is much environmental… Read More »