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Marijuana Drug Testing in Schools

Drug testing is being implemented by management in schools. The idea behind conducting the drug test is to prevent the drug use among school children. Drug test advocates and school authorities believe that drug use will be deterred by this test. Proof is provided by it where drug use is suspected. Drug test in schools […]

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How to Make Your Friends Free From Marijuana Addiction

Initially, the marijuana users do not think that they will become addicted to it some or the other day. Day-by-day by increasing the quantity of the usage, the person will become much addicted towards to it. Sometimes the treatments may become compulsory for the addicted people. Along with the treatment some support is needed to […]

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Factors on which detection periods for marijuana varies

Marijuana is a product of hemp plant. Marijuana is being abused by many people with out having awareness about it’s negative effects on the body and brain. It is better to avoid taking marijuana as it has many adverse effects on human beings. Some people have the question about marijuana for some reasons, regarding how […]

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