How to Make Your Friends Free From Marijuana Addiction

By | August 11, 2010

Initially, the marijuana users do not think that they will become addicted to it some or the other day. Day-by-day by increasing the quantity of the usage, the person will become much addicted towards to it. Sometimes the treatments may become compulsory for the addicted people. Along with the treatment some support is needed to the addicted people to get relieved quickly from the addiction.

So, the family members and the friends play a major role in making them free from addiction. Some of the people even use it occasionally. But to stop that, for safeguarding the health of the person, some of the steps suggested to use are:

  • Suggest them to concentrate on the more complex things apart from the marijuana usage. As the addiction is the disease which spoils the entire life. Suggest them not to go deeper into addiction and give importance to the goals which will give them fruitful benefits.
  • Do not allow him/her to smoke even one joint on one day. Suggest that the usage may lead to dreadful disease addiction.
  • Ensure him/her about the effects which result after marijuana usage and also discuss on dependence.
  • Always help them in avoiding the usage of marijuana and suggest some other ways like sports which will make them happy.
  • Suggest them to the relationships which ruined because of smoking pot and make them aware about the relationships after usage.
  • Support them when they feel isolated and when they crave for the usage of the drug occurs in the mind.
  • But, the main point of all this is to not to insult them about the addiction.
  • Do not allow them to see the magazines, sites or even the media which might initiate them to use the marijuana.
  • If the severity of the addiction is more then in those cases allow them to take treatment in the reputed organization and consult a physician regarding the treatment.

These are some of the steps which are used for making your friend to free from the marijuana addiction.