Marijuana Drug Testing in Schools

By | September 27, 2010

Drug testing is being implemented by management in schools. The idea behind conducting the drug test is to prevent the drug use among school children. Drug test advocates and school authorities believe that drug use will be deterred by this test. Proof is provided by it where drug use is suspected.

Drug test in schools is helpful to know the appropriate options of treatment for young children or people. In this way this method has been adopted by various schools to convey the anti drug message.

These drug tests are carried out by the contracted medical professionals. Students from a database are selected randomly and they come to campus to conduct the test. They call the student and ask the student to give required sample for the marijuana or other drug test. Drug tests such as saliva, urine, blood, hair, sweat or breath drug tests can be used and according to the test they take sample. They analyze and test the sample which is collected for marijuana drug or other drugs. Different samples are determined by each sample.

They intimate the results of the test to the school authorities, parents, and students. If students get positive result of drug test then they are sent to counseling program. There are many serious affects of drug addiction on their lives, so they need to be sent to rehabilitation, if they are addicted to drugs. Students lose their extracurricular activities and privileges.

Students should be educated by the parents or teachers or others about affects of the drugs and different types of drug tests in schools. This will help to make schools campus a safer place.