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Google PageRank vs Alexa traffic rank

PageRank (PR for short) is the method by which Google evaluates the importance of any given site. Pagerank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on a logarithmic scale (like Richter scale), meaning that the gaps between the integers increase logarithmically the closer you […]

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Role of Internet Marketing In Automotive Industry

In recent times, many retail businesses are considering Internet marketing as their preferred marketing solution to reach consumers. Many businesses consider taking their business online an issue with Internet Marketing. However, it’s about understanding, and utilizing current marketing trends effectively to enhance a business’s web presence. With Internet marketing, automotive businesses can take their services […]

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Internet Domain Names In Different Countries

By 2009, just nearly one-third of the 182 million domain names worldwide were enrolled in the United States. The United States is still the largest source of domain names, with more number of domain names. Even today, Internet domain names are intensely focused in only few nations. In 2009, the top ten nations, the United […]

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Billboard Advertisement or Rolling Advertisement

As everybody knows advertising is a booming industry and it is a common known fact that if you have any sort of business, then you must advertise that business in order for people to know what you are selling. One of the methods of advertising is billboard advertising. Advertising on scrolling billboards is becoming a […]


How to Prepare for an Advertising Campaign’s Success

You’ve done your homework and planned a solid advertising campaign — but, says Elaine Fogel, you need to be sure you’re ready for its success. Is your small business really prepared to handle the surge in volume you’re hoping for? Her advice: Plan for the best-case scenario: If a big response has the potential to […]