Top Five Foods for Beautiful Skin

By | September 14, 2007

The top five foods for beautiful skin are as follows.

Whole grains: Unprocessed grains like whole white bread instead of white bread and buckwheat are good for skin. It helps for clear and moisturized skin and carbohydrates present in them helps in improving the complexion.

Nuts: Without knowing the benefits we include nuts in our diet plan like almonds. Vitamin E helps in overcoming the aging problems and protects skin from sun damage. These nuts help us in getting young and soft skin.

Red and Green Vegetables: These vegetables have vitamin A, with this vitamin we fight against all health problems.  Bright and smooth skin is achieved as a result of including them in diet plan.

Citrus Fruits: This has Vitamin C, which helps in fighting with inflammation and acts as antioxidant, helps in overcoming the premature ageing on face. We get smooth and taut skin by using them.

Sea Food: Most of us know sea food helps in maintaining health and glow skin. Zinc is found abundantly in this and helps in sloughing the dead skin. By eating sea food we get smooth, clear and glowing skin.

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