The Encouragement For Best Practices In Business

By | April 7, 2008

Encouragement is the greatest option to make somebody improve their performance or ability. The encouragement always results positive whether it is for a good thing or bad thing. A small encouragement raises the inner power of a person. It gives him a new hope and lots of confidence. How do you encourage people generally?

  1. By cheering them up when they are in a competition.
  2. By saying words like “Good, well done, or keep it up”
  3. By gifting them with valuable things.

Of the three methods, the third one influences a person more than the other three. That is why we have prizes, awards, rewards and also gifts, presents: to encourage people in doing much more effort in that side. Encouragement makes people to put much more effort, innovate new ways to succeed and also to implement best practices always.

I have come across an awards program to encourage best practice in the employment and inclusion of people with disabilities. It was o2 ability awards program by the Aisling Foundation. This helps in recognizing progressive attitudes, in those organizations that see disability and diversity as a corporate asset and key to success and encourage them.

There are a lot more awards in many categories; but the main objective of all of them is to encourage people towards best practices.

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