Increasing innovation in employees

By | June 14, 2008

Competition is in every field out there. And if you are not individual performer, it is obvious that you cannot standout if you tried to perform individually.

Being with a Winner makes you a Winner. Though I cannot prove I have seen many non-individual performers giving outstanding performance when worked with some good supporter.

And it makes idealistic to help each other in the present conditions of lay-offs, bankrupts, acquisitions.

Google and Procter & Gamble have innovated a new way of helping each other. I don’t know whether they would be successful. But the concept sounds very decent and reasonable. Thus it cannot be failure though may not do well.

The idea in this is exchanging employees for a short period of time and learns each other tricks in targeting customers.

It is almost like Google sending some of their employees to work in Procter & Gamble and hiring some employees of Procter & Gamble and teach them their strategies.

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