The Efficiency of Direct marketing Services and Tools

By | May 14, 2008

ad servingDirect marketing service does not mean direct selling. With careful look and study on these services we will know how direct marketing services and tools used in them are more beneficial for increasing the sales.

Direct marketing is an unsolicited contact of business, which makes existing or potential customers in order to generate sales or raise awareness. For many businesses, it is a far most cost-effective form of marketing. From direct mail and leaflet drops to telemarketing and email marketing, it allows you to target customers with greater accuracy than any other method.

By careful preparation of direct-marketing campaigns is essential if you are to make the most of your investment, get the response rates you want and ensure you do not contact individuals who have decided they do not want to receive direct marketing mailings.

This guide sets out the different types of direct marketing and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of each. It gives details of current legislation and industry best practice, and tells you where to get more help and information on both.

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