Where Are People Investing These Days?

By | September 23, 2009

What could be the best step of any best investor may have taken to avoid himself from falling prey to recession?

The first step will be to withdraw from investment into stock markets. And then hold back cash or invest into some reliable source.

Now let’s analyze what choices did they had to invest. Investment into oil will prove to be a bigger disaster than any thing. Because, when you had a look at the oil price, which once ruled the stock market, has simply burst like any soap bubble. Did any body imagine that the barrel’s price will fell lower than $100? I would have asked somebody to see a psychiatrist if they had said this even 5 months back.

And the very next choice will be gold. It is a terrific choice. You cannot find anything more reliable than gold. Though gold prices were disappointing when times were good, now the prices have raised to a decent level. Now you know why the demand of these metals increased so rapidly.

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