The Home Planet Book

By | September 26, 2009

I have a profound stake in understanding the genuine genesis and key to our new crises. I think that the writers, artists, storytellers, movie makers, and new imaginative thinkers are key to the timely spreading and update of any vital data – and my direction is primarily in that instruction formerly contented that we had something deserving of the attempt.

Vedic MathTowards that finish I have been envisaging and developing an original manner of seeing and understanding moment, Creation and development. The books on earth and space are really inspiring and amazing. One among such books is The Home Planet book that contains splendid assemblage of photographs of the ground as seen from place and it’s a wonderfully moving and beautifully compiled collection of images.

Mountain ranges and river deltas dissolve into abstract designs of astounding beauty. The accompanying commentaries show a world united in space in a way that is sadly absent on Earth. The book would make anybody want to become an astronaut or a space person. The attempt was unquestionably valuable – this is far and off the almost surprising I’ve always seen, together with excerpts from the writings of astronauts who have flown on either U.S. or Soviet space missions. Kevin W. Kelley conceived and edited the book, and he guided it to completion against what occasionally seemed like overwhelming political and bureaucratic odds.

The images are exciting and lively, the quotes stirring and frequently profoundly moving. Whatever your view about the utility of place traveling, you can’t contend with the beauty of these images of our planet, seen as no generation has seen it before.

I heard that most of those images are collected from the entire NASA and Soviet archives. What ever it may be but the reviews, pictures and the author’s research are really mind-blowing. And the home planet book has become one of my favorites series.

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