Methods Of Repairing Water Damages

By | April 22, 2010

Water damage is a serious problem for home interior. It can create stains and structural damages on interiors. Water damage generally occurs because of faulty construction, improper maintenance, rotting of wood, rusting of steel and de-laminating of materials. But following simple methods can solve these problems:

Ceiling Water Damage
To solve this problem first try to find the roof leakage and check if some water got stored there. Then try to remove that standing water with the help of absorbing water rags. Afterwards, clear the damp spot on roof by flaking paint or drywall. When repaired area dries out, use a stain sealer to seal any stained area and then repaint.

Drywall Water Damage
Repairing of drywall depends on the size of damaged area. So, first cut the damaged part of the dry wall such that moisture of wall get dried up. Once it dries, replace the drywall with studs. Afterwards, put some new drywall patch on the hole. If the hole is too large then put a plywood backer board over the hole. After this, nail the drywall patch to the backer board and spread the joints compound over the edges. In final phase, tape off the joint intersections of the drywall and the existing wall. When smooth touch is achieved repaint the dry wall.

Hardwood Floor Water Damage
In first phase, clean the hardwood of the floor. Then with the help of fan remove the moisture from the surface of the wood. When it dries screen it, fill it, and recoat the hardwood. If the entire floor is damaged by water leakage, then hardwood refinishing and sanding would be the best options to get back the hardwood’s natural beauty.

You can avoid the water damage by proper and regular maintenance and sometimes with the help of professionals. Better to know the place, which can be damaged by water leakage. Both indoor and outdoor checking is equally important while inspection. A routine check of roofs, drainage, gutters and downspouts can prevent major water damage of home.