Wallpaper Installation Tips

By | October 7, 2009

Wallpaper installation techniques are covered well in some recommended books. Successful wallpaper hanging takes good wall prep and some understanding of important basic facts about wallpaper, adhesives, sizing, sealers and cutting/hanging procedures. Keep waste to a minimum by starting with these tips and advisories, and do further reading to prime yourself on wallpapering facts.

The art and technique of successfully hanging wallpaper can’t possibly be covered on this page. If you are a rookie or in doubt of how to hang paper, I suggest you start in a small room with an inexpensive paper. Back rolling a roll of paper performs two important functions. It allows you to inspect the paper for printing or color flaws. It also works to get the curl out of the paper. Do it with every roll.

Always make sure that each roll is from the same run or dye lot. If not, you will have problems. Before you break out the adhesive, you need to figure out how the paper is going to work on the wall. Also, seam placement is critical. You don’t want a floor to ceiling seam to be along side a door frame casing. The casing could be out of plumb. It’s best to let the paper go over the casing about 1 inch so the seam is above or on top of the head piece of casing.

Pre pasted wallpapers work well when you do certain things. Activate the adhesive with lukewarm water. The paper usually needs to be immersed for about only 10 seconds. The paper must relax just like ordinary paper. This relaxation period allows the paper to fully expand. If you do not allow the paper to expand on the table, it will do so on the walls! The results are long vertical blisters that often cannot be removed. Have a helper handy. The helper can be cutting your paper and activating the glue while you hang. This way a ‘relaxed’ piece is ready to go as soon as you are.

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