Cocaine Effects on Brain

By | July 21, 2010

The effect-of-Cocaine use on the brain has been studied by scientists, mainly to find out the secret that why cocaine is addictive and if once started why is it too difficult to stop taking it.

There are centres which support the feelings of pleasure and euphoria in deep in the brain, these are called as reward centres. This reward centre is associated by the release of a chemical is called as dopamine. Feelings of euphoria and pleasure is allowed by Dopamine. Generally reward centre releases the dopamine in to small gaps between the neurons in the brain. Gaps are binded with proteins by it and appropriate signals are sent to the brain. The gap is left eventually by the dopamine.

This process is disturbed by cocaine substance abuse. The dopamine is blocked by the cocaine from leaving the gaps between the neurons of brain. At initial people get pleasure by use cocaine and to get same effect they required more and more cocaine. Finally the brain becomes weak.