Difference Between Urine Drug Test and Saliva-Drug Test

By | July 27, 2010

Urine test and Saliva test are conducted to know the presence of drug substances in body. These two tests have their own advantages and disadvantages. Collection of sample is main difference among various drug tests.

Collection of sample:
The main advantage of saliva-Drug test is least invasiveness in terms of privacy while collecting sample and when compared to other drug tests.

Chances of adulteration:
There are less chances to adulterate in saliva-Drug test when compared to urine drug test. It is possible to collect the sample under supervision, in saliva drug test. So in this way, chances can be minimized for tampering the sample and this is may not possible in urine drug test. Anyway, it cannot be said that saliva drug test is not completely free from adulteration.

Detection Period:
In saliva-Drug test, the detection period of drug abuse is shorter when compared to urine drug test. Detection period is approximately 20 hours to 1 day in saliva-Drug test and it can be around 3 days in urine drug test.

Results’ accuracy:
Urine drug test results’ accuracy rate is higher than saliva-Drug test result accuracy. However, in both tests, the risk of adulteration is high.

Drug test’s cost:
When you compare two drug tests then the cost of urine drug test is lower than saliva-Drug test. But, saliva-Drug test’s cost is slightly higher than urine drug test. According to quality, the cost of saliva drug test varies.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of both the tests. So, according to the situation, you can choose the drug test which is suitable for you.