Quantity of the Perfume to be Sprayed

By | September 20, 2010

Perfume application is an art. So, many spray huge amount thinking that they will get more fragrance. Applying the perfume should be done in the right way and it should be long lasting and do not apply again.

Most of them feel that by wetting them in perfume and by spraying on clothes they would get a nice fragrance. Avoid too much spraying and apply only at the important places like behind the ears, on neck, and on wrists.

Always some simple tips while applying the perfumes. Apply the perfume using a cotton ball to apply on the key places. If you want a light fragrance then spray perfume in the air and walk through it.

If you want to smell your scent or perfume very lightly then do not apply behind the ears. Always apply a very small amount at the wrist or at the neck. Instead of applying a perfume you can go for the lotion and the scented soap.
Applying excess of perfume will be uncomfortable for you and the people around you. Sometimes we will not be aware with the type of the smell and start using excessively. This is called the sensory habituation.

So, avoid applying heavy amount of perfumes.

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