Job Description of Caregiver

By | October 22, 2010

Caregiver is a person, who is appointed to perform different tasks and to take care of infants, elderly persons or disabled persons. They provide nursing care facility to seniors citizens and they keep them clean. They play an important role in health care industry.

Physical and psychological help: Caregivers provide help to the individuals, physically and mentally, it can be infants, seniors, disabled persons, though they are not medical professionals. They help them to walk, help to assist in exercises, help them to maintain a memory by using specialized drills, some memory books, etc.

Personal care: Caregivers take care of seniors and make sure that they receive proper nutrition food by making a plan and prepare the meals for them. They perform shopping to purchase groceries for them. Caregivers help them to take bath, to take food, and other things.

Housekeeping: A variety of house keeping tasks are performed by caregiver like laundry, dusting, making beds, organizing mail and keeping a calender of appointments and shopping groceries, etc., which cannot be done by seniors, infants, disabled persons.

Transportation: If it is necessary, caregivers transport the seniors and they accompany seniors to medical appointments and for other things.

Provide support: Emotional support is provided by caregivers for seniors by making conversation and providing companionship. Caregivers engage them in some activities such as board games, card games, etc. Caregivers need to maintain the activities, which are performed during the day by seniors, infants, disabled persons. They also find out the signs of physical or psychological difficulties.

The above information is about job description of caregivers. Job description can vary according to the individuals and their requirements.