Know About Bingo Cards

By | October 14, 2010

Bingo game is the funny game. You need a bingo card to play the bingo game. These cards are made with cardboard or non reusable paper. Now-a-days, computerized cards are being used to play the bingo game. There are different styles with different numbers. Player can mark the number or letter on the card with marker or pen.

Each card has 25 squares, there is a number or letter in each square and sometimes middle square has free space without any number. A letter represents each column of five squares. Like that, five letters represent five columns in bingo card, such letters can be B I N G O. It will start from B and end with the O from left to right. Each letter also represents five numbers in each column. B letter contains numbers from 1 to 15 and I letter contains 16 to 30 numbers and N has 31 to 45 numbers and G has 46 to 60 numbers and O has 61 to 75 numbers.

These cards are thrown away after using them, then it causes environmental problems, so reusable bingo cards were introduced. Such cards are made with cardboard or plastic. Players can use removable tabs to mark on the card instead of using pen or marker. One can remove the tabs after each game, and they can be used again.

One player can purchase multiple bingo cards for single bingo game. It is necessary to play the bingo game.