Applications of barcoding in libraries

By | January 13, 2010

The automation in libraries needs the barcode number in order to prepare a file of full details of borrowers. It also helps in preparing a file of all documents and books in library. Each item in the list of source file is provided with a unique barcode number. Barcode labels are pasted in a proper place like opposite to the due date label.

Stock taking:
For this purpose, the data entry should be automatic, without errors, and less time consuming. All these can be achieved with the use of barcodes. For applying barcode in library stock verification, the database of library should be fully updated. The earlier pasted barcodes present in the books must be scanned from first stack to the last. After scanning, the list of books that are not scanned will be recognized with the help of software. This list should then be balanced with the issue record, binding etc. and a final list of books, which are missing, can be prepared.

Periodical control:
For applying barcodes in periodical control system, the basic task is to create a database of periodical holdings such as database of books, reference code numbers for each periodicals subscribed in the library. Each periodical record will hold information like title, price, volume, issue no., publisher, and year of publication, source, and frequency. The database should be updated for every particular period. For each periodical, barcode is developed depending on the code number and stuck below the card for each periodical. When a particular issue is collected, its corresponding barcode is scanned for number of months and issue numbers.

Barcodes can also be applied efficiently for generating user’s statistics. For this purpose, member cards comprising of barcodes should be scanned with off line scanner and statistics can be created.

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