How to Recover from Marijuana Addiction

By | October 13, 2010

Marijuana is one of the most dangerous drug. This drug is banned in most of the states of US. There are many adverse affects of using marijuana on the human body both physically and psychologically. It affects the user financially as well. Many people get addicted to marijuana, which can cause long term health problems. And abusers forget the responsibilities and commitments in their life. There are few instructions to recover from marijuana addiction such as:

  • First and most important thing is, one should determine strongly to not to take any drug in their life. One should have strong willingness to stop that habit.
  • Many people use drugs to come out from stress, but it is not correct. One can go for exercise, meditation, yoga, etc. to get relief from stress.
  • One should always remember negative affects of drugs physically, mentally, socially, financially. So, it reminds you to not to take the drugs.
  • One can involve in positive activities, like writing, learning to play different instruments.
  • One can spend time with family members and friends to get support from them. One can get support from professional counseling and support groups. One should not feel that he or she is alone. One can overcome from bad habits by having support and help of good people.
  • All the drugs and alcohols should be removed around you.
  • One can attend the counseling programs to stop the this habit.

So, these instructions can help you to come out from the habit of smoking marijuana. The important thing is, once you stop using drugs relapse may be possible, so one should be aware of this.