An Introduction About Glow Sticks

By | November 2, 2010

You might have seen glow sticks being used in many parties or different events. They are used from dance party to rock contests. Glow stick works by the chemical reactions of different chemicals with in them.

Glow sticks were invented many years ago, but they are still popular because of it’s flexibility. The glow sticks come in many sizes and colors and they are used in different activities and events. You can find them in race scene and they are used in complex dances or contests. They are used as safety lamps by Scuba divers and campers.

They are very cheap, you can find them in many stores or many places. You can find individual glow sticks at convenience stores and find them at food and drug stores at the time of Halloween. You can get them through online or from special stores. You know that they are disposable and very short-term things. They can last for days though they are frozen. With in few hours these glow sticks will burn out completely.

If a glow stick breaks, chemicals of the glow stick come in contact with the eye or skin then redness and irritation can be caused by it.

Divers use the high powered glow sticks as the source of light under the water or river. Sometimes, they are used in motor vehicles and they are used in military operations as well.

They are available in different types like mini sticks, necklaces, bracelets, pins etc. Glow sticks are very useful.