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An Introduction About Glow Sticks

You might have seen glow sticks being used in many parties or different events. They are used from dance party to rock contests. Glow stick works by the chemical reactions of different chemicals with in them. Glow sticks were invented many years ago, but they are still popular because of it’s flexibility. The glow sticks… Read More »

Pros and cons of student drug testing

Many pros and cons about student drug testing are prevailing in the society. The main purpose of using student drug testing is to prevent the students from drug abuse but to identify the students using the drugs. Students once became addicted to drugs it becomes difficult to come out of it. Pressure of studying or… Read More »

Drug testing at schools

Recently research was conducted on school students to know, how many students are addicted to drugs. School students are more addictive to drug use with 75% of total drug abusers are school students. After this research parents are forced to perform drug test on their kids to know the drug abuse. In June 2002 Federal… Read More »