Know About Different types of Fishing Lures

By | February 18, 2011

A fishing lure is artificial object which is attached to the end of the reel to attract fishes. These lures have hooks which are used to hold the fish. These look like live bait, hence small fishes in order to eat them comes near the lure and gets hooked to it. There are different types of fishing lures, such as:

Jig: Jigs are a type of weighted hooks, covered with minnows or plastic worms, in order to attract fishes.

Surface lures: As the name suggests they are the top water lures. They float on the surface of the water and resemble the prey.

Spoon Lures: spoon lures are like table spoon and reflect light when moved due to their shape.

Plugs: Plugs resemble body of fishes and make variety of movements due to the instability of the scoop present underneath their head.

Artificial Flies: Artificial flies resemble the original flies, which are the favorite preys of fish. These are used in fly fishing.

Spinner bait: These are the pieces of wire which are usually bent in 60 degrees. The lower surface of the spinner bait has a hook and the upper surface has a flashy spinner mechanism.

Spin Bait: It is an artificial minnow. Some of the spin baits have swim tail.

Apart from the above lures, now-a-days electric lures are also used. An electric lure is a submersible light, which are used to attract fishes. The most commonly used fishing light is green fishing light as it creates a phytoplankton kind of environment which attracts fishes.