What is the Necessity of Barcode Verifiers?

By | February 17, 2011

Barcodes are necessary for all business organizations thee days. Symbol barcode and others available in market are used by many of them. However, they must be standard and efficient for use. The process of measurement of the print quality of a printed barcode is called barcode verification. It includes analysis of performance of barcodes in different environments with different types of scanning equipment. Visual aspects for modulation and decodability of the barcode labels are checked for measuring their scanability. The encoded data is decoded in the process of verification for checking the correct data structure and content.

Certain standards such as ANSI or ISO are established for barcodes. These standards have to be met by all the barcodes and this is checked in the process of barcode verification. The devices used for verification are called barcode verifiers. These are different from barcode scanners. Let us know the necessity of barcode verifiers.

Necessity of Barcode Verifiers:
There are several reasons for using a barcode verifier among which quality control and contract compliance are most important.

Quality control:
Various types of barcode printers are used by organizations. Improper formatted barcodes are possible during printing even by a well maintained barcode printer. Therefore barcode automatic identification and data capture system is essential to check the quality of barcodes. Barcode verifiers have to be used for increasing the quality control of the barcodes. This helps in reducing the chance of costly errors.

Contract Compliance:
Barcode labels are printed in bulk sometimes on a contract basis. So it is necessary to check their standards in large-scale operations and also in government agencies. In order to favor data entry without errors, it is necessary to verify the codes. Barcode verifiers help in preventing the fines in case of any compliance with the standards.

Hence, it is very much essential to implement barcode verification.