What is the Role of a Private Investigator in Criminal Justice Field?

By | March 1, 2011

Criminal justice requires a lot of accurate facts about cases. These facts of various reasons can be known from investigation. So private investigators have a great role in criminal justice field.

The investigators help non-governmental organizations or police groups to solve certain cases. They can be hired by attorneys for gathering and examining varied cases like criminal or family court cases. Insurance companies also hire private investigators to check the suspects of committing insurance fraud.

Private investigators conduct interviews on different people for gathering information related to the case. They need to have good communication skills for obtaining required information easily. It is also essential for them to have a tactful and skillful behavior to act accordingly. Facts and other details of a case are obtained by the investigator by continuous research. Research is conducted through checking various websites in the internet. Related data of a case is also collected from various authorized organizations like the workplaces and other government organizations.

Surveillance situations may also arise in the investigation process. A person involved in surveillance investigation are called surveillance investigator. Surveillance investigators gather required information about a person or a company without being noticed by anyone. They are hired for various cases. For example, they are sometimes hired to check any unclaimed assets of a person during divorce. Video or still cameras, binoculars, voice recorders and other surveillance equipments are used by them. Therefore private investigators help a lot in several cases.