Know About The Fabrics Used for Pillow Covers

By | June 1, 2011

Pillows are the essential parts of our life because they make us comfortable at bed after having a stressful day. Since they help us in getting good sleep it is our responsibility to keep them clean and tidy. It is not possible to wash the pillows in our washing machine and also tough to do hand wash. So, in order to make them dirt free we use some pillow covers or cases to protect them. That pillow covers are made up of different materials. Depending upon your taste, comfort, budget you can choose them.

Following are some of the materials used for making pillow covers.

Cotton: The most common fabric used for pillow covers is the cotton. It is both economical and eco friendly. Cotton is a very breathable fabric which gives the soft and smooth finish to the cloth. It is highly recommended during summers. Since it is a natural material it doesn’t harm the environment.

Polyester: This fabric is made from the woven polyester thread and has been a popular fabric in the field of bed and linen since so many years. The advantage of these polyester fabric is it is wrinkle free. Manufacturers are now planning to make natural polyester to make it bio degradable.

Satin: This material is mostly used for aesthetic purposes. It gives an elegant and rich look to your pillows followed by your bed. Apart from its appearance it gives comfort, softness and a natural cool effect when we sleep on them.

Velvet: Pillow covers made of velvet are mostly used for decorative purposes. We can feel the smoothness of the fabric simply by looking at it. The natural sturdiness of the fabric gives the pillow stiffness and supports to maintain the texture.

Silk: Silk is a very common fabric which is known to many. But coming to its use in pillow covers it is very limited we can say. Even though it gives a more elegant and shiny look to the pillows, it is better if we use it for decorations instead of using them for pillows on our bed.

Micro Fiber: Small fibers or filaments are used to make the thread and those threads are used to make micro fiber fabric. The comfort with the fabric is stain resistant and maintenance is very easy when compared to other fibers.

These are some of the fibers which are commonly used for making pillow covers. Besides these there are expensive fabrics like Faux Seude, which are used in hotels and restaurants.