Availability of Pillow Covers in Different Sizes

By | June 2, 2011

Pillow covers are used for protecting the pillows from different things like dust, moisture, germs, dirt and so on. They are available in all the patterns which cater to our decorative needs. Since they are used to encase the pillow they should come in all the sizes in which pillows are available. Depending upon the size and texture of the pillows, pillow covers are mostly named after their sizes.

The typical pillow covers are available in six different sizes. Let us check them in detail.

  1. Standard size: This is the size which is followed by most of the pillow manufactures and is typically between 20-26 inches. And hence it became the standard size for all pillow covers.
  2. King size: The size of these pillow covers ranges from 20-36 inches. These are too long and are mostly used in hotels.
  3. Queen size pillows: These pillow covers measure 20 / 30 inches. This size of pillows are very uncommon and hence the pillow cover. In fact, queen size pillowcases don’t really exist, so a standard size pillowcase is used.
  4. Euro size pillows: The size of this pillow cover is 26/26 inches. These large, square pillows are ideal for adding support and comfort while reading. They can also be used as decorative bed pillows. Like the queen size pillow, there are no pillowcases specifically for euro size pillows, they have to be ordered and purchased.
  5. Travel pillows: These pillow covers measure 12 /16 inches. These small pillows are very comfortable for car or plane rides which gives additional neck support and comfort. They are easy to put in bags and can take along with us.

These are the different sizes of pillow covers which are used to encase different sizes of pillows.