Diet and Nutrition for Preventing Cancer

By | April 20, 2011

Risk of getting or increasing the cancer depends on the dietary choices because some foods actually increase risk of the cancer, while others support the body and strengthen the immune system to fight against the cancer. By taking the suitable diet it is easy to prevent and to control the disease. Following are the foods that helps the immune system to fight against the cancer causing organisms.

Plant based foods:
iscotrizinolThe best diet for preventing cancer is to eat plant based foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and beans etc., because they are the less processed foods and they are not the altered foods.

It is better to eat the foods which are rich in fibers as the fibers can be digested easily and keeps the digestive system clean and healthy. Fiber is found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. There is no fiber in foods like meat, dairy, sugar, or white foods like white bread, white rice, and pastries.

Cancer fighting foods:
There are many cancer fighting foods which strengthens the immune system, some fruits contains antioxidants a powerful vitamin which protects against the cancer. Eat a wide range of bright colored fruits and combine the diet with immune boosting spices and foods, drink plenty of water.

Eat the food with adequate starch and also avoid the food which contains too much sugar or salt. Also avoid eating foods which have too much saturated salts and cholesterol. Maintain a desirable weight as the obesity may lead to other diseases like cancer, heart diseases, etc. Sometimes tea may protect the individuals from Ovarian cancer.

Carcinogens are the cancer causing substances found in food and these can form during the cooking or preserving process mostly related to meet. To reduce the development of carcinogens prepare the food in healthy ways.

With the above said combination of foods, it is easy to keep the cancer at bay.